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Meet a HomeMaker®!

Here at The Organisers HomeMaker® we celebrate the diverse background of our national team!

Take a sneak peek into the life of our HomeMakers:

Name: Sophie

Location: London

Tell us why you joined HomeMaker®: I finished my degree in performing arts and when I’m not busy putting shows together and dancing. I have a real interest in interior design and HomeMaker® allows me to organise people’s home and really re-create a beautiful space.

What’s the best part of being a HomeMaker®: I just love how nice everyone is! Everyone has such interesting lives and rarely do people work 9-5’s. HomeMakers are creative, love putting things together and making a space make sense – it really is solution focused!

If you want to join the HomeMaker® team get in touch today by contacting us on homemaker@theorganisers.com or +44 (0)207 078 7554